Best creperie in South Jersey. Must do at the Jersey Shore



Fresh Jersey Farm Tomatoes with melted Asiago cheese finished with our own Herb Ricotta

Sliced Pepperoni with our 3 Cheese blend finished with Rustic Marinara

Fresh Baby Spinach with Fire Roasted Peppers & our signature Cucumber-Dill Scallion Cream  

Balsamic soaked Jersey Tomatoes with Fresh Baby Spinach & Crumbled Gorgonzola

Balsamic Grilled Farm Zucchini with our own Herb Ricotta, melted Asiago & Pecorino Romano Cheeses 

Fresh Baby Spinach and Jersey Farm Tomatoes with Melted Asiago Cheese & Garlic drizzle



*Available seasonally on a rotating basis and only @ our Mobile locations

Come visit our Creperie in downtown Stone Harbor to try our from scratch batter and handmade-to-order Sweet & Savory Crepes along with Artisan inspired Ice Cream sundaes. We are open seasonally 7 days a week. Also, stay posted to our Markets & Events page and come visit our Mobile Crepe carts for other seasonal & unique Crepe combinations!

Our own Gluten-free Buckwheat Batter is available upon request, however, it is cooked on the same surface as our Gluten based Batter.


Our signature Blackberry Jam "Cheesecake"

 Orange Zest, our own whipped Cream Cheese & melted Dark Chocolate

 "Bananas Foster": Bananas pureed with Dark Rum finished with Brown Sugar, melted Butter & Fresh Sliced Bananas
Fresh Sliced Strawberries, melted Dark Chocolate, & shredded Coconut

"Tiramisu": Our own whipped Cream Cheese & Coffee blend finished with melted Dark Chocolate & Powdered Sugar
Lemon & Ricotta drizzled w/Local Cape May Honey 

Fresh Local Blackberries with Nutella drizzle or melted Dark Chocolate 

"Key Lime Pie": Lime, crushed Graham Cracker Fairy Dust, Sugar & our own whipped Cream Cheese 

Fresh Sliced Strawberries & Bananas finished with melted Butter and Maple Syrup     

Fresh Spinach with sliced Granny Smith Apples, Gorgonzola and Garlic drizzle

Norwegian Smoked sliced Salmon filled with our signature Cucumber-Dill Scallion Cream  

Hickory Smoked Ham with Melted Asiago Cheese  

 Fresh Spinach with Fire Roasted Peppers, melted Asiago cheese and Garlic drizzle  

Melted Asiago Cheese with Our own Chipotle blend 

Applewood Bacon and Melted Brie finished with Fig Preserves 

Hickory Smoked Ham with Fresh Spinach, Melted Asiago Cheese and Garlic drizzle


Please note: This is just a sample of some of the Crepes we offer...The possibilities are endless! The menu listed above changes with seasons and is offered on a rotating basis which may not reflect our current store or our Mobile Crepe Carts Menus. We do our best to keep it up-to-date. Please look for our daily & weekly specials on our Facebook & Twitter page to find out WHERE we’ll be & what we’ll be cooking up next!. 

 Nutella drizzle or melted Dark Chocolate 

"The Purist": Melted Butter & Sugar

 Fresh Sliced Bananas drizzled with melted Nutella or Dark Chocolate

Cinnamon with Melted Butter & Sugar  

"Smores": Dark Chocolate with melted Mini Marshmallows & crushed Graham Cracker Fairy Dust

Fresh Sliced Strawberries finished with Nutella drizzle or melted Dark Chocolate 

Fresh Sliced Bananas with melted Butter, Cinnamon & Sugar

Maple Smoked Bacon and Nutella 

"Just Plain" Topped with an Ice Cream Scoop of your choice and Powdered Sugar

ADD a scoop of Ice Cream or Whipped Cream to any of your warm Crepes for that extra something

Crespella Gourmet Creperie - Best Crepes in South Jersey